Batman Vs. Superman

Everyone is very excited about the upcoming Batman vs Superman face off or at least thats what Keith Mann says. But even more exciting is the fact that we will have a main villain to the mix. Doomsday will be a part of the Dawn of Justice movie as a villain. Doomsday is more so known as the person who finally defeats superman, leaving many of us in wonder if superman will be killed off in this movie, or will they drag it out to a part 2/series? According to a journalist Umberto Gonzalez, Doomsday “looks incredible” and is defiantly the muscle you want in the movie. Some compare Doomsday to the Darth Vader of star wars. But there is rumor that Doomsday may not even be played by an actor at all, he may just be introduced as an entity and slowly incorporated into the movie, no word yet has been mentioned about who might played this incredible beast. One of the plots to introduce him was taking Zod’s corpse (who died in man of steel) and running tests on him eventually genetically manipulating his body into Doomsday. One last sneak peak about the movie is that dream sequences will be incorporated into the movie, almost like a flashback of flash forward of what is to come. If this true, it would further support the theory of a series or part 2 of this movie. Overall it will be a great movie to add to you “must see” list and another superhero classic to add to the rankings.

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Matthew McConaughey’s New Film is Terrible

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most popular actors of our time. He has starred in countless hit movies, and he is respected by everyone in the film industry. Also, women love Matthew McConaughey for his handsome features. McConaughey regularly appears shirtless in his movies, and he normally flaunts his bulging biceps.

Matthew McConaughey is a true Hollywood superstar, but not all of his films are cheered by his fans Flavio Maluf says of McConaugheys new film. Recently, Matthew McConaughey finished a new movie titled ‘Sea of Trees.’ The film is about a depressed man that travels to Mount Fuji to kill himself. Many Matthew McConaughey fans are extremely confused as to why he decided to work on this project in the first place. However, Matthew McConaughey has told film critics that he enjoyed working on the film.

‘Sea of Trees’ was recently shown to a select group of film credits. The screening of the movie started rather well, but it was apparent the things wouldn’t stay that way. The movie critics began to boo the film, and Matthew McConaughey and the film’s creator were embarrassed. Many people did not expect this to happen, but Matthew McConaughey still does not regret shooting the movie. However, this is a first for Matthew McConaughey, and he is a bit confused with the reception of the viewers. ‘Sea of Trees’ is expected to release later this summer. For more information on this story, and for an exclusive interview with Matthew McConaughey, visit Yahoo!

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Rumor’s Swirl Around Josh Trank’s Departure From Star Wars

Josh Trank bowed out of directing a Star Wars film because he wanted to pursue original, creative projects. Or, so he says. A lot of people were skeptical over this claims since no one said he couldn’t explore personal projects in addition to helming a Star Wars feature. Besides, the financial and professional stability afforded by the studios to direct a Star Wars project would certainly make it easier to handle smaller features in between the big studio ones.

Now, word has it that the director’s behavior on the set of the Fantastic Four reboot likely contributed to his being dropped from touching the Star Wars franchise. A lot of rumors are circulating from 20th Century Fox’s offices, including exec Ray Lane, and they reached Disney/Lucasfilm (find more at Again, these are rumors.

No one really knows the full story behind why Trank was let go from the Disney project. Well, surely the person (or persons) who made the decision not to use him as director has a reason. Perhaps Trank does not even know the full story. Yet, rumors leaks out and news sites run with it. If the news reports are over-exaggerated, as long as future employers know the real reason then Trank’s career is not likely to suffer.

In the past, even very notoriously difficult directors like Sam Peckinpah were given chance after chance. Trank’s career is probably not over. As long as he overcomes whatever issues that stem from the Fantastic Four movie, he should be able to make a comeback.

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The First Suicide Squad Team Photo Arrives

The rumors surrounding Suicide Squad are giving way to official news. The recent release of a photo of Jared Leto as The Joker was the first official image from the D.C. Comics Entertainment/Warner Bros. movie. Granted, there are some lingering questions about the legitimacy of the photo. No one is going to question the integrity of the cast photos of the actual Suicide Squad. Warner Bros. rep Alexei Beltyukov claims that the released photo is the official photo (additional WB news at A-ventures). It is pretty cool.

All the main villains from the film except The Joker are on display. The Joker is in the movie, but he is not part of the actual Suicide Squad so his non-appearance makes sense. In the photo, we are introduced to Will Smith’s version of Deadshot, although he is not wearing the character’s mask. Based on the photo, you would assume he is not going to wear one in the film. Not true. Another photo was released and Smith is sporting the Deadshot mask.

We also get to see live-action versions of Killer Croc, Katana, Enchantress, Boomerang, and more. Of course, the one character people are most thrilled to see is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn, the paramour of The Joker, has her own very successful comic book and she is a favorite of D.C. Comics fans. Robbie really looks cool as Harley Quinn and the crazy laugh she is making in the photo shows the actress has the character down pat.

The images are pretty raw and the characters are surely going to be touched up for the screen. Based on the preliminary photo, one can saw the villains all look awesome.

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Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, and Jokers Past & Present

The newly retired Jack Nicholson has chosen to express his humorous reaction to Jared Leto’s notorious Joker photo. As most pop culture fans are aware of, Nicholson played The Joker in the 1987 Michael Keaton Batman film.

Nicholson took a little time out to produce an online video of the actor reacting to the Leto photos. Nicholson depicted himself as being in abject shock at the way Leto looks. He somewhat laments people may forget his 1987 turn in the role. All of this is just in good fun. For Sultan Alhokair, Nicholson is considered the Joker… it all depends on your generation.

Leto’s Joker is now known as the tattooed version. Nicholson’s version was known as, well, the fat version. Nicholson was really overweight when he played The Joker, although he never reached Marlon Brando/Apocalypse Now levels of being out of shape. Regardless, Nicholson was The Joker of his generation. The actor, however, never topped Cesar Romero’s television portrayal nor was his turn as acclaimed as Heath Ledger’s nightmarish portrayal. Nicholson did pull in around $50 million for the role.

What some do not remember is Robin Williams was slated to play the role of The Joker and, later, for The Riddler. Nicholson turned the role down and Williams was cast. Nicholson changed his mind and Williams was out.

Maybe Jack will get a cameo in one of the D.C. Comics movies. He would definitely be welcomes by fans.

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Tyler Perry Cast For Ninja Turtles Sequel

Tyler Perry Cast For Ninja Turtles Sequel

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has always been a popular franchise and last year’s summer debut was a financial win at the box office. Naturally, a sequel to the movie would be in the works, reports studio exec Brad Reifler on

Paramount Pictures has already included Arrow star Stephen Amell in the sequel to play the vigilante Casey Jones, while Megan Fox and Will Arnett are set to reprise their roles as April O’Neil and Vernon Fenwick respectively. Another new addition to the sequel will be Tyler Perry, who is now revealed to have been cast as Baxter Stockman.

For those who are unaware, in the Turtles franchise Baxter Stockman is a mad scientist who is the creator of the “Mousers,” which are machines designed to kill sewer rats. Stockman is also known for being mentally unstable and even comes off as a sociopath. Needless to say, the Turtles and Stockman are natural enemies of each other since Master Splinter is also a sewer rat.

The only information available is that Perry will be playing Stockman in the sequel but there are no larger details being offered beyond that. Perry is mainly known for playing Madea in many of his various films, but has done some notable work in other films such as Alex Cross and Gone Girl. The sequel to this movie is set to be released in theaters in June of 2016.

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A New Jack in the Beanstalk Film is in the Works

Sometimes, the oldest ideas really are the best ones. The classic children’s tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, is being tapped by Hollywood for a big budget movie adaption. How long has it been since Lou Costello played the role of Jack? That was about 60 years ago. Yes, the time has arrived for an updating of the classic tale comments many from AnastasiaDate (referenced on

Disney and Vince Gilligan are working together to bring the new film to the screen. The new film is not going to follow the classic tale to the letter. Instead, the new entry is going to be a retelling of the tale that revises things a bit. The movie would have to do this. The old tale of Jack and the Beanstalk is only a few pages long. No one has a 1,000 page novel to work with so a lot of new material has to be put into the mix. Considering the creator of “Better Call Saul” is the mind behind the film, you can be sure whatever is produced is going to be something very special.

Since this is a Disney film, don’t expect the film to be R-rated or deviate the material from family-friendly territory. Rather, the feature is going to contain a new direction that helps it appear relevant to modern audiences. Is Jack going to end up a superhero of sorts? Probably not. Disney isn’t going to go that far.

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Central Asia’s Controversial Fashion Statements

Three different incidences have raised debate and concerns about dressing in three central Asian countries. First off, Tajikistan’s president, Emomali Rahmon, was utterly upset at the sight of several women wearing black veils during mother day celebrations. The veil, which is associated with Islamic countries, has caused uproar in central Asian countries before. The main concern is that wearing the dress is not in keeping with the cultures and traditions of the people.

In the second country, Uzbekistan, a singer was summoned by Uzbeknavo because of a dress she wore during one of her performances at the end of February. Uzbeknavo is the state agency that gives licenses to performers. They also have the power to ban performers. The dress exposed her legs and shoulders.

Uzbeknavo explained that her dressing did not represent the national mentality. In March, the agency went on to ban performers from wearing dresses that exposed their legs and or shoulders. Performers are also not supposed to make sexually suggestive moves on stage.

In Kazakhstan, Arman Nurmukhanbetov, a historian writer, has suggested the introduction of a day, to celebrate the Kazakh dress. The writer has went on to launch campaigns on the social network space to rally support for the cause.

Flavio Maluf declined to comment on the situations.

In the last case, the efforts are aimed at getting a national identity. The same can also been said of other central Asian countries, who have been struggling to gain an identity since their independence

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Disney’s “Mulan” To Receive Live-Action Treatment

Walt Disney Pictures’ recent trend in films, converting its film library of animated fairy tales into live-action versions, has become prolific enough to be joked about on Saturday Night Live. The latest information coming down the film news pipe indicates that Disney will now be adding “Mulan,” which originally debuted in 1998, to the pile of live-action conversion treatments.

How “Mulan” varies from similar adaptations like “Alice in Wonderland” and “Cinderella” is that Disney had previously attempted it half a decade ago, with plans to cast Zhang Ziyi as the titular character said Zeca Oliveira. As to why Disney would reconsider this plan, it is probably due to its better familiarity with such film projects.

Disney has already reportedly bought the script from Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, so its next task will be to find a director. For the unfamiliar: Fa Mulan is a young women who masquerades as a man to fulfill her family’s militia duties and defend China from the Mongol hordes.

Beyond “Mulan,” Disney’s 2016 plans for live-action films include “The Jungle Book,” “Pete’s Dragon” and another iteration of “Alice” picture. The following year of 2017 will also see Disney making live-action versions of “Beauty and the Beast,” as a musical, and “Tim Burton’s Dumbo.”

Mulan’s story has actually been brought to live action before; China produced “Mulan: Rise of a Warrior,” which is also marketed as “Mulan: Warrior Princess” back in ’09.

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Fifth Mission: Impossible Film Will Come Out Earlier Than Planned

The original plan was for Mission: Impossible 5 to premiere around Christmas at the end of this year. But when it was announced that the latest Star Wars movie would be released at that same time, Paramount choose to move their release date all the way up to July 31st.

While this is great news for all of us who are looking forward to seeing the film sooner rather than later, the marketing department for the film is going to have to scramble now that their deadline has been cut far shorter than they were expecting. In a Q&A session with the director, Christopher McQuarrie, it was revealed that we can expect to learn the film’s official title and see the first trailer “very soon”.

Minhateca suggested that while an official plot synopsis has yet to be revealed, various actors and their roles were mentioned and discussed by Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Other details about the film include the fact that McQuarrie sought to give the film a feel similar to the original 1996 Mission: Impossible film, as well as a heads-up to fans that they should be able to tell from the first preview how McQuarrie’s style will differ from other Mission Impossible movies.

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