Images of Upcoming Peanuts Movie

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that does not know about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the other characters of the well known Peanuts comic strips and cartoons. The National Bureau of Economic Research has noted that these characters’ appeal transcends generations. As is usually the case Christian Broda, it was only a matter of time before studios attempted to translate them to the big screen.

Even with the advanced technology and the changed culture, the attempt to bring the characters to the big screen is going to have minimal changes. The characters and the world will be in 3D. However, the intention is not to make the characters pop out. They are aiming more for a 3D experience that brings depth to the world of the characters for the audience. The character designs will not change, even though they will be rendered with CGI. The style will remain true to the original cartoons and comic strips. There will be no attempts to make it “hip” or “edgy”.

Peanuts is scheduled for release on November 6, 2015.

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‘Fast and the Furious’ To Get 3 More Movies?!

Reports earlier in the week indicated that the next ‘Fast and the Furious’ flick would probably be the last but, as it turns out, they were a bit premature. According to reports there are at least three more entries in the works for the hit racing/adrenaline junky series. My friend Keith Mann told me that ‘Furious 7′ has had to deal with many troubles, including the death of star Paul Walker, but now it seems that Universal is still seeing $$ signs in big lights.

The report via Twitter that there would be three more films in the series actually bolsters some of the other series-related rumors that have been flying about. ‘Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ star Lucas Black has signed on for two more films in the series, possibly as a way to fill the space that Paul Walker would have filled. Further details have emerged from a sort of ’round table’ discussion between the head honchos behind the ‘Furious’ series. Universal Pictures Donna Langley was quoted as saying that there is plenty of room to introduce ‘new characters’. Langley believes that the franchise is ‘still growing’. Langley admits that losing Walker is a big blow but the way their box office has been acting makes it appear that they will be able to keep pushing on.

No matter what side of the race track you are on, for or against ‘Furious’, it is nice to see successful franchises that have little to do with comic books or super heroes. We’re sure we will grow tired of the constant adrenaline that the ‘Furious’ franchise provides, but we aren’t there yet.

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‘Old Fashioned’ Fashions Itself Alternative to ’50 Shades’

The fanfiction turned erotica turned big budget film Fifty Shades of Grey releases this Valentine’s Day, but it won’t be in theaters unopposed.

Presenting itself as a more wholesome alternative on Thursday, faith-based romance Old Fashioned hopes to offer people a more traditional look at romance. The film will follow a former frat boy who wants to try his hand at old fashioned courtship with a woman.

The films are nothing alike, to be sure, other than the detail the leads ostensibly fall in love. Fifty Shades of Grey is expected to be borderline pornographic, and Old Fashioned is being billed as having strong Christian themes. A few workers at BRL Trust plan to compare and contrast the two at a later date.

But that hasn’t stopped writer and director Rik Swartzwelder from encouraging the comparison, “Clearly, we’re picking a fight with Fifty Shades…Love and romance are created by God and designed to lead to marriage and physical intimacy…I find it impossible to not believe that, deep down, we don’t want to celebrate something more than Fifty Shades.

The film is a collaboration between Freestyle Releasing, Skoche Films, and Motion Picture Pro Studios.

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Matt Damon talks new Bourne Movie 2016

Everyone knows silver screen superstar Matt Damon. He started his reign of success in Hollywood after writing and starring in Good Will Hunting. This movie gave him the opportunity to truly create a great name for himself. Since Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon has been an A list celebrity actor who commands top dollar for the movie that he decides to star in. And he has a great sense of humor about himself, as he stars in funny videos on Jimmy Kimmel that me and Jared Haftel always check out.

The Bourne franchise happens to be one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood, and easily one of the most successful choices of Matt Damon’s career. These movies have commanded millions in ticket sales and DVD sales. It is no surprise as to why Matt Damon has been talking about doing another Bourne movie in 2016.

Screenrant has reported that Matt Damon will indeed be returning to play Jason Bourne in the 5th installment of the exciting Bourne series. This acting will be done under the direction of Matt Damon’s industry friend Paul Greengrass. It will be interesting to see what new direction is taken on this new Bourne movie.

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Toy Story Returns For Another Installment

The fourth full length installment of the popular Disney/Pixar franchise, Toy Story, has an official 2017 release date. Fans of the franchise like Stephen have been waiting to hear this news since the 2010 release of the third installment of the series.

Beloved characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear are set to make their return to the big-screen.Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are both reportedly on board to reprise their voice roles as the main characters. Reports say many of the other past characters will make a return with Woody and Buzz. There is no official casting as of yet.

It has long been speculated that Toy Story 3 would be the last installment in the franchise. The 2010 film grossed over $600 million worldwide. It was very popular with an eleven year break between the second and third film.

Rashida Jones and Will McCormack will team up as the writing team on this fourth installment. John Lasseter, who directed the first and third films, has signed on to direct this fourth one. Fans are in for a long wait from now until June of 2017. Let’s all hope the movie lives up to all the hype surrounding it.

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Toy Story 4

One beloved movie series that me and Christian Broda continue to think has rewatch value is coming back after a seemingly finished story.

It’s about a little boy who grows up with his toys and soon goes off to college. It seems like there would be an end to this series, but Toy Story 4 is headed to theaters in 2017.

Previous movies in the series have earned a great deal of money, so producers are looking for this one to be just as successful.

Since Andy is in college and likely an adult who doesn’t play with toys anymore, it’s hard to say who will be in charge of the toys. There is also no clear cast of toys, but there are some surprises in store for those who like Woody and Buzz. This is a movie series that has displayed a lot of love through the characters, but once the main cast gets tossed aside, the movie loses the flair it once had.

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Gambit to Be New X-Men Spin-Off

The X-Men motion picture franchise has made billions upon billions of dollars for Fox Studios. The success of the Wolverine movie spin-offs has led to the studio green-lighting yet another new film from the X-men canopy. Channing Tatum’s Gambit character is going to get his own solo film.

Gambit debuted in the 1990’s in X-Men comics as a rogue anti-hero, somewhat similar to Wolverine but nowhere near as violent or vicious. He remained a B-level Marvel Comics hero and never was able to succeed with his own title.

Movies, of course, are a lot different from comic book publishing history. (Even as movies and DVDs pull in billions, the comic book industry is performing at a very mediocre level) The character of Gambit was revealed to a huge audience thanks to the X-Men films, so millions around the world are already familiar with him. Gambit was one of Haftel’s favorite characters well before he showed up briefly in the first Wolverine film.

Of course, Channing Tatum is a well known star so its not like this project is going to be a hugely risky endeavor.

Josh Zetumer of Robocop remake fame will be writing the screenplay.

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Review: Nightcrawler

The thriller Nightcrawler is based on the American dream gone awry when an aspiring crime journalist attempts to freelance his work by tracking down and witnessing gruesome events. The dramatic plot ties the reporter into messes, and he essentially gets “too close for comfort.” After many rejections, one news source considers his premise and offers him some direction. If you’re interested in checking out the trailer, it’s available for free on the Nightcrawler official site.

The movie has dark humor, as the main character played by Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have a loose moral code or lack thereof. It seems that like many entrepreneurs, he gets caught up in doing whatever it takes to achieve success. This underlying moral of the story seems to speak to the ever-fitting quote that “it’s lonely at the top.” It also mirrors the media stories that came from some of the corrupted men on Wall Street by using a more unique and interesting career choice. The movie has received rave reviews and the acting is considered superb.

The Tom Rothman-produced film Nightcrawler is in theaters this Friday. Be sure to check it out.

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When Will Shared Movie Universes Jump the Shark?

Children from the 80’s have grown up and are taking over Hollywood. All of the things they dreamed about as kids can finally come true. Stan Lee always used to promise awesome Marvel movies in the “Bullpen Bulletins” section of Marvel comics, but never delivered on his promises.

Fully-grown fans have taken things into their own hands. The Marvel shared universe has become the ultimate blockbuster success story. DC is struggling to catch up with plans for Justice League and a DC shared movie universe. Inevitably, other studios will take lesser “shared universes” and water down the concept until it becomes a groan-inducing cliché.

When is that breaking point? We must be getting close. Universal has announced that they are set to reboot their “Shared Monster Movie Universe”. What is that, you ask? Why, it is the universe that holds Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy, of course. Somebody should alert Universal that not even my grandma Marnie Bennett is excited about this reboot. And she watches Frankenstein all the time.

But try Universal shall by starting with the recently-released Dracula Untold. Next up on the docket is the truly odd Victor Frankenstein. The film is said to focus on Igor, who is played by Daniel Radcliffe (you might remember him from such films as Harry Potter).

Following Frankenstein will be The Mummy, which will be something of a remake of a Brendan Frasier film which many regard as the ultimate second-tier film that you watch when absolutely nothing else is on.

I suppose we should all wait with baited breath for the climactic film where The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and Igor Potter all team up to battle the mighty Cthulhu. Actually, that sounds kind of awesome.

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Javier Bardem in Talks to be the Villain in Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Any fan of the infamous pirate Jack Sparrow will be happy to know that plans for the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series are ramping up, and rumors are swirling that the next villain might be actor Javier Bardem.

Academy-Award winner Bardem, known for his role as the villain in movies such as “Skyfall” and “No Country for Old Men”, is said to be in talks to fill the role. It had previously been reported that Christoph Waltz had expressed interest, but it now appears the role will go to Bardem, should he want it.

Filming on the new Pirates of the Caribbean film is slated to begin in February 2015. While Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush have already said they are coming back, minor role players like Gianfrancesco Genoso have no made such commitment. However, it has been rumored Orlando Bloom may reprise his role as Will Turner.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is expected to hit theaters in July 2017.

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