What Is Going On With The New Spider-Man Film?

A lot of interesting news about the future of Spider-Man as a movie property has emerged. The most interesting is Marvel Studios is extremely interested in getting Spider-Man from Sony and allowing the web-swinger to appear as a major figure in Captain America: Civil War.

That is a massive shock because Spider-Man is not part of the Marvel Universe established in The Avengers. Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and the other movies are made under the Marvel banner, so Brad Reifler will be paying close attention.

And yes, the rumors about Sony wanting to launch a completely new Spider-Man trilogy are true. Sony also wants to release an animated Spider-Man comedy.

Again, Marvel Studios does not have the rights to Spider-Man film properties and probably would like very much to get those rights from Sony back. Or, at the very least, Marvel wants to work together with Sony.

Read between the lines. Marvel is likely very concerned Sony is ruining the Spider-Man series. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a terrible mishmash of super-villains and a very weak plot. The tickets sales were the worst out of all the Spider-Man movies and the script was very poor.

No one really knows what is going on with The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Whatever the original plans were, they seem to have been scrapped.

Of course, there is always the possibility the third film is made and becomes the best of the entire series.

To the chagrin of Studio execs, a lot of the information about the Sony/Marvel/Spider-Man tumult derives from the recent hacking attack on the Culver City studio.

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Christian Bale Admits His Batman Was Not “Joint Universe” Material

When Warner Brothers announced that there would be a Batman vs. Superman movie, everyone was excited about the possibility of a joint DC Comics universe. After this initial buzz, talk immediately went towards the portrayal of Batman. Who would get the iconic character so soon after Nolan’s trilogy. Initial speculation suggested Christian Bale would get the role, but it is now known that he was never approached.

Websites and journalists even went as far as saying that Bale was offered $80 million to reprise his role as the Caped Crusader. However, Bale has since confirmed that there were no talks, official or unofficial, about him coming back. And even though he admits to being jealous of Ben Affleck, he knows this was the correct decision.

The type of Batman that was portrayed during the Nolan trilogy worked brilliantly for those movies. Dave and Brit Morin shared the opinion that he was one of the best to ever play that role. The tone was dark, depressing and very serious. The movies attempted to create a realistic grounding for the characters and that world in general. However, this philosophy could not possibly work in a DC Comics shared universe.

Bale believes that if they wanted, they could have kept going with more Chris Nolan Batman movies. However, the producer and director only wanted a trilogy, believing the full story had been told. And Bale agrees with this sentiment. “I do not think our interpretation of Batman belongs in any other type of movie. We told a great story and we believe it ended at the right time,” he said.

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Should There Even Be A “Blade Runner 2″?

It had been reported about a month ago that Ridley Scott had decided to let someone else direct “Blade Runner 2″. It was said he chose to direct “Prometheus 2″ instead. There are new reports that Ridley Scott is reconsidering. He may direct “Blade Runner 2″ after all.

Scott is said to be extremely happy with the script, and has noted that “Blade Runner” is a very personal work to him. He seems to believe that he is the only person who can make the movie in a way that feels like the original.

There is an interesting question in all of this. “Prometheus” got a mixed reception at best. Scott’s upcoming movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” is getting a mixed critical reception and has been heavily derided for its’ use of caucasian actors. Some are beginning to wonder if Scott really is the best choice to direct “Blade Runner 2″.

Is there a time when a director should hang it up? How odd it is, the notion that the man who made the first movie is not fit to make the second. That is an odd predicament that Keith Mann is glad he doesn’t have to deal with. Directors get old just like everybody else. Times change, and their notions can become outdated. After all, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made the first three “Indiana Jones” films and look at how the fourth one turned out. Even a mediocre director could have put together a better Indiana Jones film than “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull”.

“Blade Runner” was made over 30 years ago. Maybe it is time for someone else to take the helm, or perhaps it shouldn’t be made at all.

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Dwayne Johnson Might Join Disney’s Moana

Dwayne Johnson is in talks to provide his vocal talents for a demigod in an upcoming Disney Animation feature called Moana. This is one of a couple of planned original projects parents like Daniel Amen are excited to take their kids to. The other project is called Zootopia. Moana is going to be somewhat like a buddy movie. The story revolves around a Pacific Islander named Moana and her partner by the name of Maui. Dwayne Johnson has not signed in for the role yet. However, if he does get the role it would probably be a fitting role for him. 

Dwayne Johnson has apparently never worked with Disney Animation before. However, he has done at least one role recently that was addressed by Disney. One recent role he finished is Hercules. The title role of Moana has not been filled up. The animation technique is not going to be 2D/3D. However, the style will resemble paintings.

The setting of the film, which is Ancient Oceania, is going to give the film a fairy taale background which is what Disney was once very big on. This leaves plenty of opportunities for interesting underworlds and sea creatures. 

Moana is scheduled for release on November 23, 2016.

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Mark Hamill Discussed Future of Star Wars previously

Mark Hamill Discussed Star Wars sequel

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is perhaps the biggest and most highly anticipated movie of 2015. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time the idea of a Star Wars sequel has come up. I was talking about this with a person I met in the waiting area at Amen Clinic.

With the recent release of the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, Mark Hamill, who played the role of Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars, stated that while this is all a surprise to fans, it isn’t one to Hamill himself. In fact, the actor was waiting patiently for this idea to be brought to life.

In an interviewed taped in 1983 when promoting Return of the Jedi, which was the last movie of the franchise at the time, Hamill recalled a conversation he had with then-director George Lucas, saying that “He at one time asked, ‘would you consider playing an Obi-Wan-type character handing Excalibur down to the next generation? I said, ‘When would that be?’ and at the time he said, ‘Aww, around 2011.”

Whether it comes as a surprise to fans or not, the point is that Mark Hamill pretty much always saw the movie franchise going on for more than the first three films. As for the newer film scheduled for December of 2015, the story will dwell heavily on new cast members John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

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Blade Runner 2 to Begin Filming

There is good news and bad news for science-fiction fans. The good news is the Blade Runner sequel is definitely moving towards production. The bad news is Ridley Scott is not going to be directing.

Plot and production details about Blade Runner 2 are emerging. Basically, the protagonist of the film will be a female and Harrison Ford will have a role in the film. Will he be reprising his role as Rick Dekard from the original film? We do not know, yet.

A Blade Runner sequel without Ridley Scott at the helm definitely is going to be missing something, at least if you ask Marc Sparks. You would think the director really would want to revisit one of his most legendary (and, initially, least commercially successful) work. Scott is laboring on the Moses film Exodus and the sequel to Prometheus, a film that returns him to Alien territory.

Perhaps it is best to allow Scott to work on projects he is more interest in than twist his arm to do something is lacks a desire to direct. As producer, he will have a say in the vision of the film but the project becomes the director’s baby.

The script for Blade Runner 2 is finished. Please let them change the name to something better. Maybe they could borrow the “Electric Sheep” moniker from the novel.

Shooting begins sometime in 2015 and this will surely be an anticipated feature.

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Oscar Isaac to Join ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’?!

Oscar Isaac has enjoyed one of the most striking runs of success in recent Hollywood history this past two years. The singer-turned-actor, or other way around, starred in the Cohen Brothers critically received hit ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’, where he got to show off his gravitas and singing chops before moving directly into the new ‘Star Wars’ trilogy directed by J.J. Abrams. Now Isaac is looking to Bryan Singer to continue his career surge as Oscar will be joining in on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

Isaac was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ and now he’ll be adding his clout to an already stacked ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ cast when he joins on as the super villain, En Sabah Nur. Fans like Sultan Alhokair may know Sabah Nur more as his code name, Apocalypse. Apocalypse is one of the most dangerous villains to ever cross paths with our mutated heroes and Isaac will bring the sort of dark, commanding, charm that is needed out of the role.

In the Marvel Comics Apocalypse is depicted as this huge, towering man so it seems odd to consider Isaac for the role. Rest easy, X-Men fans, for there is precedent for the change. Apocalypse has been rendered several different times throughout the Marvel Universe and Isaac will fit in with what some of the Ultimate Comics have tried to do with the character. Writer Simon Kinberg promises that Apocalypse will be on hand to deliver some of the ‘biggest spectacle’ that the series has ever seen.

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Jackman as Blackbeard in a New Peter Pan Adaption

Hugh Jackman is going to be assuming a legendary role in a new film and it is a real departure from the type of roles he is known to play. The multi-talented actor will be assuming the devious role of Blackbeard in the film Pan.

It is really no secret who the star of the film is. Jackman’s images adorn the posters of the forthcoming film, a version of Peter Pan that is really, really removed from the original concept of the work and character the film is based upon.

What is the deal with the new version of the legendary Peter Pan tale? And why is the villain Blackbeard instead of Captain Hook? Well, the new version of Peter Pan is actually going to turn the clock back a bit. We are going to be treated to the origin of the character in the new film.

You are probably saying “Why would anyone want to see a movie about the origin of Peter Pan?” Come on, Peter Pan is not a superhero!

No, but superhero films are popular and they feature origin tales. That is all you need to know about why the studios would choose to go in such a unique direction. Cornelsen feels like he can’t wait to see this upcoming movie. The other reason is the familiar character can be put in less familiar material ensuring that the new narrative is a fresh one.

When the movie comes out, we’ll all know if this idea was a smart one.

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Images of Upcoming Peanuts Movie

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that does not know about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the other characters of the well known Peanuts comic strips and cartoons. The National Bureau of Economic Research has noted that these characters’ appeal transcends generations. As is usually the case Christian Broda, it was only a matter of time before studios attempted to translate them to the big screen.

Even with the advanced technology and the changed culture, the attempt to bring the characters to the big screen is going to have minimal changes. The characters and the world will be in 3D. However, the intention is not to make the characters pop out. They are aiming more for a 3D experience that brings depth to the world of the characters for the audience. The character designs will not change, even though they will be rendered with CGI. The style will remain true to the original cartoons and comic strips. There will be no attempts to make it “hip” or “edgy”.

Peanuts is scheduled for release on November 6, 2015.

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‘Fast and the Furious’ To Get 3 More Movies?!

Reports earlier in the week indicated that the next ‘Fast and the Furious’ flick would probably be the last but, as it turns out, they were a bit premature. According to reports there are at least three more entries in the works for the hit racing/adrenaline junky series. My friend Keith Mann told me that ‘Furious 7′ has had to deal with many troubles, including the death of star Paul Walker, but now it seems that Universal is still seeing $$ signs in big lights.

The report via Twitter that there would be three more films in the series actually bolsters some of the other series-related rumors that have been flying about. ‘Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ star Lucas Black has signed on for two more films in the series, possibly as a way to fill the space that Paul Walker would have filled. Further details have emerged from a sort of ’round table’ discussion between the head honchos behind the ‘Furious’ series. Universal Pictures Donna Langley was quoted as saying that there is plenty of room to introduce ‘new characters’. Langley believes that the franchise is ‘still growing’. Langley admits that losing Walker is a big blow but the way their box office has been acting makes it appear that they will be able to keep pushing on.

No matter what side of the race track you are on, for or against ‘Furious’, it is nice to see successful franchises that have little to do with comic books or super heroes. We’re sure we will grow tired of the constant adrenaline that the ‘Furious’ franchise provides, but we aren’t there yet.

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